Constance Ivana

"I create art to make people smile, self reflect and to start difficult conversations"

Creating Art is Great For the Soul!!!!

Connie Mcknight

There is something rejuvenating about becoming in tune with your creative side.  Each time I host a painting party, it brings me joy to watch each canvas come to life.  Everyone starts with the same pre-drawn canvas, the same colors of paint and the exact same supplies.  As each person begins and makes decisions, the canvas slowly starts to represent their individuality.  Each painting tells a story of where the creator has been in life and where they are on that particular day.  As the painters walk around admiring one another's work it is just another way to communicate.  Their art makes them transparent...inhibitions are not present...conversations begin...revelations are made...confidence is found respect is gained...people come together!!!!  Creating art is great for the soul!