Constance Ivana

"I create art to make people smile, self reflect and to start difficult conversations"

I am currently a high school English teacher. I am a positive person that believes in living life to the fullest! I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2001. I believe that life is what we make I live each day like it's my last! I have two beautiful daughters! I love to work out! Art is my way of expressing myself and creating a platform for important topics! It is my hope to bring happiness and inspiration to many people through my art.  My non-profit, "Soulful Innovations," was created to provide an artistic experience for woman and children who are experiencing financial difficulty or abusive situations.

People who overcome adversity are my inspiration. My art is a reflection of what I have experienced in life...through my eyes and through the stories of others. I am inspired by the beauty of nature! I am inspired by stories and images of true love! I am inspired by the students that I work with everyday!